Strengthening Indonesia-Cambodia Bilateral Relations Through Culture

JAKARTA, Indonesia� Indonesia and Cambodia have historically shared cultural ties since the Syailendra Dynasty ruling in the days of the Mataram Kingdom in Java and the Jayawarman II Dynasty, ruling the Angkor Kingdom in Cambodia.

Jayawarman II is known to have lived in Java and returned to Cambodia to unite it since it was divided into several small kingdoms.

Indonesia's Borobudur temple, built in the early ninth century, is often considered to have cultural ties with Cambodia's Angkor Wat temple, built during the Jayawarman II Dynasty.

Hence, the two countries have similar ancient inheritance, and both temples � the Borobudur and Angkor Wat � have been designated by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites.

Indonesia has many cultural similarities with Cambodia, in the form of historical relics, such as the Borobudur and Angkor Wat temples, as well as, the existence of Buddhist communities in each country. Angkor Wat was built initially in the Hindu period in Cambodia, and due to a dynasty change, it was converted into a Buddhist temple, Indonesian Ambassador to Cambodia, Sudirman Haseng, remarked.


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