Series of Events Prepared to Commemorate World Water Day

The Jakarta Environment Agency has packed a series of events to commemorate World Water Day, which falls on March 22.

" We'll take theme "Leaving No One Behind" with hashtag #WaterForAll"

It is purposed to remind people to care more about sustainability and realize the importance of water for life.

"We'll take theme "Leaving No One Behind" with hashtag #WaterForAll," expressed Jakarta Environment Agency's Community Participation Division Head, Djoko Riyanto, Wednesday (3/13).

Here is a series of activities to welcome World Water Day;

1. Photography Contest (March 1-15)

2. Down Ciliwung River (March 23)

3. Riverbank Green Movement and Saving Water with Biopore Infiltration Holes (March 15 and 20)

"We also have a campaign of not contaminating rivers and ground water through our agency's social media," he stated.

It will be part of education and socialization to residents to maintain water ecosystems and is hoped able to make them wiser in using water.

"We need the role of the government and citizens. Concern in us must continue to grow," he said.

Source: Berita Jakarta

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