Governor plans to build railroad in South Sulawesi

Makassar (ANTARA) - South Sulawesi Governor HM Nurdin Abdullah plans to build a railroad in the southern part of South Sulawesi.

"There used to be a train route in the Dutch era to the south. It was what the BPPT wanted to explore," Abdullah noted in a statement in Makassar on Saturday.

He explained that it was in line with the Ministry of Transportation's program that was also focused on making South Sulawesi one of the centers of railway development in Indonesia.

The governor added that work on the Makassar-Parepare train project is still ongoing and must be completed.

"The train and railroad will be imported from Japan. The train model is a fast train one. Hence, it needs to be studied first. There are cars from Hokkaido. Try to examine whether it is suitable for our conditions," he stated.

The study conducted by BPPT will serve as the basis for taking the right decision later. To support this, the next plan is to hold a joint office of the South Sulawesi Provincial Government-BPPT.

"We will hold an office here, specifically with the BPPT to design our train needs," he remarked.

In addition to the train team, a special team will each be deployed for accelerating agricultural, fisheries, and livestock development.

Source: ANTARA News

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