TKN waiting for the PPP decision on Romahurmuziy’s position

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Jokowi-Ma'ruf Amin National Campaign Team awaited a decision from the United Development Party (PPP) regarding the position of party leadership, after Romahurmuziy was named a suspect by the KPK.

This was conveyed by the Secretary of Jokowi-KH Ma'ruf Amin TKN, Hasto Kristiyanto, responding to reporters' questions about the plan to change Romahurmuziy's hidden position with Rommy's address as the director at TKN.

"Later we will see from the official attitude of the PPP. We continue to build good communication with PPP friends," Hasto said.

Hasto said that TKN looked at all existing situations and conditions. Whatever concerns politics, according to Hasto, he must be careful in taking steps.

"We must wisely respond to this," Hasto said.

What is clear, he said, TKN felt concerned and joined solidarity with PPP over the problems faced by the currentchairperson. At the same time, TKN could not intervene in legal matters carried out by the KPK.

"We provide support from every effort to examine corruption. Therefore, the commitment of the nation's children," said Hasto.

Source: ANTARA News

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