Widya Bahari RPTRA has Good Spots for Selfies

Widya Bahari Children-Friendly Integrated Public Space (RPTRA) is popular by the residents of Harapan Island Urban Village, North Thousand Islands for its good selfie spots.

Sari (20), Kelapa Island resident who studies in Harapan Island PKBM stated, this RPTRA is located not far from the beach. This place has beautiful natural scenery that is often used by locals as backdrop when they do selfies.

Knowing this potential, Harapan Island Urban Village Head, Adi Apandi built Instagram photo booth frame in Widya Bahari RPTRA's yard to attract people to visit Harapan Island, especially this RPTRA.

"This new selfie spot is built to attract more visitors and we hope this RPTRA becomes a part of their beautiful memories in Harapan Island," he conveyed, Monday (3/18).

Previously, it only reached 70 visitors per day. But it increases into 150 visitors after his side built Instagram photo booth in Widya Bahari RPTRA. Most visitors are children, teenagers, and women who stop by just to take selfies.

Source: Berita Jakarta

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