35 Kelapa Dua Wetan Residents Learn How to Handle Fire

East Jakarta Fire Handling and Rescue (Gulkarmat) Sub-department gave fire socialization to 35 residents of RW 02 Kelapa Dua Wetan, Ciracas, East Jakarta.

RW 02 Kelapa Wetan Secretary, Suparji mentioned, participants were administrators of RT/RW, LMK, FKDM, Jumantik cadres, and other communities. His side appreciates Gulkarmat for giving this socialization because it educates residents who to prevent and handle fire.

One of the participants named Kasimin (51) stated, fire socialization is important. Especially, Gulkarmat personnel teach the participants how to use fire extinguisher and wet sacks to extinguish fire and how to prevent fire due to short circuit and gas stove leakage.

"They train us about fire prevention and fire extinguishing both theoretically and practically," he added, Tuesday (3/19).

Acting East Jakarta Gulkarmat Sub-department Head (Plt), Muctar Zakaria hopes fire cases in East Jakarta can be suppressed by intensifying fire socialization in the area. Besides, he wants residents to understand how to handle and prevent fire well from this socialization.

Source: Berita Jakarta

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