Marunda Citizens Develop Free-Range Village Chicken Farms

Citizens living in Marunda Flat Tower, North Jakarta are conducting free-range village chicken farms trial. Besides being more efficient, it does not trigger rotten smell.

Marunda Flat Tower Cluster B, RT 08/11 Marunda Urban Village Citizen, Heri Iskandar said that it is conducted on a 10x20-meter width land and has been ongoing since July 2018.

"It is inspired by similar farms in Medan, North Sumatra. I see how interesting and can be realized here," he stated, Tuesday (3/19).

His interest is because organic farming techniques are more efficient than conventional patterns, which use the voer as a feed mixture. But he only uses the remaining vegetables from citizen waste.

He also sprinkled compost on the pedestal cage to make the soil more friable. By so, he can reduce feed costs between 50-70 percent of conventional farming techniques.

"The friable soil can cause food which can be consumed by chicken such as worms, etc," he added.

With low cost, he could can sell cheaper chicken around Rp 40-50 thousand compared to market price whereby free-range village chicken about 900 grams is sold at Rp 70-80 thousand.

He continued that the chicken produced is healthier, as it does not use chemical-based feed. The cages, which do not smell, are evidence of more hygienic.

"So far we're still doing trials of chicken resilience and feed composition to produce the best quality chicken," he stated.

Source: Berita Jakarta

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