Kominfo Facilitates the Growth of Millennial Content Creator

Surabaya, Ministry of Communication and Information - Ministry of Communication and Information facilitates the development of design communities in the region. In collaboration with the President's Communication Team, efforts are part of the involvement of the design community in the region to be part of the dissemination of information about development in Indonesia.

Director of Media Management Ditjan Information and Public Communication Ministry of Communication and Information, SitiMeiningsih said the Flash Design event is a government effort to facilitate the growth of content creators to support the development communication process.

"Flash desgin can be an arena for millennials to become creator content to support government development communication," he said when opening Flash Design Content in Surabaya on Friday (03/22/2019).

Director SitiMeiningsih, the young generation will be the backbone of the nation. Therefore, it needs to be encouraged in order to produce creative work.

"All my friends, the millennial youth will become the backbone of the nation. The productive age must be an effort to develop themselves to be more innovative and creative," he said.

According to the Director of Media Management, SitiMeiningsih, the selection of Surabaya City was one of the considerations for implementation in Surabaya because it was known for its creative young people.

"Why is Surabaya a choice of location? Because Surabaya is famous for its young people, it is very creative. And it can be a human resource to develop a creative economy," he explained.

According to Director Meiningsih, the Government keeps the obligation so that the creative spirit can be a trigger for accelerating the development of creative industries in the country. "The big goal to encourage the creativity of the nation's children can move the Indonesian economy in the global market," he explained.

The President's Communication Team Expert, AndokoDarta stated that through the design community's work it is expected to be able to convey the message of development more creatively.

"Our target is to encourage the design community to grow and become part of the process of communicating government development to the community or the people around it," he said.

Flash Design activities are designed as an effort to involve the graphic design community in the area to communicate development achievements to the community. Before the Flash Design competition, a workshop was held which was guided by the Rooted Community. The 150 participants produced their best works to be judged by the judges.

Since the beginning of the year, this has taken place in Manado, North Sulawesi; Palembang, South Sumatra; and Makassar, South Sulawesi. The city of Surabaya is the third location for this year's implementation.

Source: Ministry of Communication and Information

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