Strengthen Collaboration between Communication and Information Technology and Regional Government Through Communication and Information Forum

Surabaya, Kominfo - The implementation of the mandate of Perpres 95 of 2018 concerning the Electronic-Based Government System (SPBE) requires collaboration between the central and regional governments in order to run according to the target. Therefore, the Ministry of Communication and Information formed the Communication and Information Forum as a forum for collaboration.

"The Directorate of Government Informatics Application Services (LAIP) will synergize with the Ministry of Communication and Information in carrying out the mandate of the Presidential Regulation on Electronic-Based Governance (SPBE) by establishing the Communication and Information Forum," said Acting. Director of Informatics Application Services, Directorate General of Information Applications, BambangDwiAnggono, at the opening of the Government Information and Communication and Information Technology One Forum and Intra Government Network Security at JW Mariot Hotel, Surabaya (03/20/2019).

According to Bambang, the forum will later become a partner for discussion in decision making in the field of Communication and Information. "The involvement of other central agencies is also needed considering that currently the organizational structure of the Directorate General of Information Applications, especially the LAIP Directorate, has undergone a change so that its tasks and functions become supporters of all sectors," he explained.

Regarding the target of implementing Presidential Regulation 95 of 2018, Bambang said there were 82 assignments to be completed by the relevant agencies within five years. "So it requires the support of the parties, especially the Ministry of Communication and Information, to oversee the implementation in their respective regions," he said.

Meanwhile YudhoGiriSucahyo from Fasilkom UI delivered a strategy for the Development of Central and Regional Communication and Informatics Cooperation. He explained the development of the use of information technology, including technological developments in 5G financial technology , Artificial Intelligent , and the Internet of Things . "So it requires solid cooperation between the Ministry of Communication and Information and the Ministry of Communication and Information," he said.

According to Yudho, the forum functions as a means of communication, means of sharing and means of cooperation. Later this forum covers various working groups (working groups), namely policy groups, infrastructure and application working groups, and data and information working groups. "Each working group is expected to be able to provide solutions and recommendations in the implementation of tasks," he explained.

Present at this forum were heads of agencies and related officials from various provinces, districts and cities. Participants welcomed the plan to form the National Communication and Information Forum in the hope of sharing solutions to improve the performance of the Communication and Information Agency in each region.

Source: Ministry of Communication and Information

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