Cigarette industry eyes universities to promote its products

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Human Rights Working Group (HRWG) drew attention to the worrisome trend of the cigarette industry targeting universities for promotional and sponsor activities of its products.

"The tobacco and cigarette industry has up its sleeve several strategies to continue its business, including through getting involved in universities," Deputy Director of HRWG Daniel Awigra noted in Jakarta on Monday.

The universities' Student Executive Board (BEM) should have a firm stance to solve the promotional and sponsor issue of the cigarette industry.

An aspect to bear in mind about this issue is that the objective behind promoting cigarettes runs counter to Indonesia's demographic bonus in 2020-2045.

"How will productivity be in line with the working-age population if now many of them smoke?" Awigra cautioned.

Moreover, smoking has dire impacts on the health and economy since it is causal to several diseases.

Source: Antara News

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