No command from the prosecutor’s office for KPK leadership: Prasetyo

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Attorney General HM Prasetyo ensured no command being received from the prosecutor's office over the demand of prosecutors to resign from their respective institutions while registering as candidates for the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) leadership.

"There is no (command). So far, the prosecutors there too have not been commanded, especially the KPK leadership," he stated at the Indonesian Attorney General's Building, Jakarta, Friday.

The attorney general noted that prosecutors, so far, serving as investigators at the KPK, had not received any command and were solely instructed to work appropriately and correctly.

In the case of a prosecutor keen on returning to serve the Adhyaksa Corps since that individual felt he had fulfilled enough duties at an anti-corruption institution, Prasetyo had banned and instructed him to continue working to support the KPK.

"I declare here that when they seem to want to head back to their own homes - indeed there is enough work there, I say no. Continue fulfilling the task there to support the success of the KPK," Prasetyo stated.

He also questioned the basis for the urgency to resign if the prosecutor registered as a candidate for the KPK leadership due to the absence of rules necessitating withdrawal from the original institution.

He emphasized that as a fellow spearhead for eradicating corruption in the country, the prosecutor's office and the KPK should not be pitted against one another, especially after the arrests of the anti-graft body's two prosecutors.

"Do not allow today's prosecutor's situation to be pitted against the KPK," Prasetyo affirmed.

Earlier, the Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW) had urged National Police officers and prosecutors registering themselves as candidates for the KPK leadership to withdraw from their institutions.

"Those hailing from certain institutions registering as candidates for the KPK leadership should retreat first from their institutions and only then register as candidates for the KPK leadership," ICW researcher Kurnia Ramadhana stated.

Source: Antara News

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