Teacher zoning program is not disadvantageous to educators

Ternate (ANTARA) - The National Education Office (Diknas) in Ternate City, North Maluku Province, ensured that the Education and Culture Ministry's teacher zoning program will not be detrimental to educators since unsung teachers will be placed in schools near their homes.

"The teacher zoning program will, in fact, benefit educators, including those, who have to spend extensively on transportation and endure long travel times while going to school as well as heading home," Head of the Ternate City National Education Office, Ibrahim Muhammad, explained on Saturday.

Moreover, teachers, who already obtain certification allowances, are also guaranteed to not lose their certification, since when placed in a school, matters will still be taken into account. As such, the relevant educators continue to receive certification allowances.

Muhammad noted that the teacher zoning program was implemented in addition to facilitating teachers in completing teaching assignments in schools as well as to help supervise school students while they were in their home environment.

A zoning system is currently applied for the admission of students in schools to ensure that they are admitted in schools in proximity to their homes, so that it is in line with the teacher zoning program for the new North Maluku region of Ternate that will implement it.

Muhammad remarked that school zoning and teacher zoning programs will enable students and teachers in a school to belong to the same area to make it easier for teachers to manage and oversee matters pertaining to students, both at school and after returning home.

This is expected to tackle cases involving students, such as being drunk, getting involved in brawls, and loittering outside the house late at night, as teachers can actively monitor their students at all times, especially when they come home from school.

He further elaborated that the teacher zoning program was also one of the ways to overcome the limitations of teachers in certain schools, especially those on the outer islands in Ternate City, such as on Hiri Island, Moti Island, and Batang Dua Island.

Source: Antara News

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