First Admiral Purwanto to serve as Ambon Naval Base commander

Ambon (ANTARA) - First Admiral TNI Budi Purwanto will officially serve as commander of the Naval Base IX in Ambon to replace First Admiral TNI Antongan Simatupang.

According to a press release of the Ambon Naval Base received on Saturday, the handover ceremony was led by Fleet Commander III, Rear Admiral. TNI. I N.G. Ariawan, in the field of Fleet Command III headquarters in Klaligi Village, Sorong Manoi District, West Papua, on Friday (July 19).

Purwanto had earlier served as director of the Indonesian Navy's Doctrine, Education, and Training Development Command (Kodiklatal). The position he left was then filled in by Simatupang.

Ariawan urged the leadership and personnel of the Naval Bases of Ambon, Merauke, and Sorong to be aware of various threats at sea, including illegal fishing using trawlers, explosives, and potassium.

In addition, illegal mining, illegal oil trade, and smuggling of drugs and weapons from abroad pose a threat.

"These various potential vulnerabilities pose a challenge that cannot be tolerated and must be addressed decisively," he emphasized.

He asserted that matters pertaining to Indonesia's sea borders with several countries in the South-Pacific region that had yet to be agreed upon, especially in the Fleet Command III working area, must continue to be monitored and maintained in their own right.

"In accordance with the basic functions of the base, Fleet command IX, XI, and XIV must disseminate information regarding the boundaries of Indonesian waters and neighboring countries in their respective working areas to the fishing community," he noted.

He also reminded the three base leaders to offer optimal support to the elements of the Koarmada III sea and air patrols in realizing interoperability to maintain security and stability in order to create a sense of security for fishing communities while earning a living in Indonesian waters.

Ariawan remarked that the Fleet Command organization was the implementing command of support, as one component of the Integrated Fleet Weapon System (SSAT) in charge of providing combat, logistical, administrative, and special support for elements of the Indonesian Navy that conducted operations in their working area.

Furthermore, it entails empowering maritime potential and fulfilling the additional task of helping to support base facilities for non-Navy units conducting operations in their territory.

Source: ANTARA News

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