Minister Soemarno urges Telkom to expand digitalization in education

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Minister of State-Owned Enterprises Rini M Soemarno has encouraged the role of SOEs, one of which is through Telkom Indonesia, to expand digitalization in the world of education (digital learning) in Indonesia.

She conveyed this message while attending the 54th event of the 2019 National Education Golf Care Tournament at the Royale Golf Club, Halim Perdanakusumah, East Jakarta, Saturday.

"The role of SOEs is increasingly vital in improving the quality of Indonesian education. Digital access also needs to be developed in the world of education," Soemarno noted through an official statement.

The minister called on PT Telkom (Persero) Tbk to continue the process of digitalization in the world of education or digital learning. Going forward, the competition for human resources (HR) transcends all fields through a digital system. This digital learning improvement must be synergized with other SOEs.

In the framework of the 54th anniversary, Telkom Indonesia offers assistance in the form of teaching aids and scholarships to teachers and students brought in directly from Riau, Flores, and Papua representing the 3T (Remote, Outermost and Foremost) regions.

Moreover, laboratory assistance is provided for schools. The total CSR National Education Care assistance provided by Telkom at the commemoration of the 54th anniversary reached Rp2.6 billion.

Soemarno explained that the education care program, initiated by Telkom Group Indonesia, had been initiated since 2000. In 2016, Telkom Group had launched a Digital Library (PADI) for 1,000 schools. Until now, Telkom has 4,200 PADI spread across Indonesia.

"I hope this program would continue to be developed to reach 10,000 schools," she noted.

In addition to providing assistance, She witnessed the signing of cooperation in the form of support from Telkom Indonesia for the Republic of Indonesia Teachers Association (PGRI).

Telkom's commitment to building Indonesian education has been fulfilled since long through various programs, such as Internet Goes to School, Dedicated Teachers, Indonesia Digital Learning, My Hero My Teacher, Broadband Learning Center, Digital Library, Employee Volunteer Program, and AnniverSafari.

Telkom Managing Director Ririek Adriansyah expounded that Telkom had, for 54 years, undertaken efforts and played an active role in encouraging the development of the community and the national economy.

"Not only through the provision of the latest telecommunications services but also in various corporate social responsibility programs that focus on developing national education in order to build a digital society that is globally competitive," Adriansyah stated.

Source: ANTARA News

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