Integrated system to improve services for higher learning institutions

The [email protected] application provides 'single sign on' to see all the services available at Area III (Jakarta).

Jakarta (ANTARA) - [email protected], an application of the Integrated Information and Service System, is expected to improve the services of Indonesia's Higher Education Institutions (LLDIKTI) for Area III, for higher education institutions, especially those in LLDIKTI's work areas.

The new application was introduced at an event held to launch the system at the campus of Bina Sarana Informatika University in Jakarta on Monday (July 22), which was symbolically opened by Deputy of the Public Service Ministry of Administrative Reforms and Bureaucratic Reforms, Prof. Dr Diah Natalisa.

In her speech, Prof. Natalisa voiced her support for [email protected], as it can save and summarize the public service path, while pinning high hopes that this application would be applied in other areas of LLDIKTI across Indonesia.

In the meantime, Head of LLDIKTI for Area III, Dr Illah Sailah, noted that his office applied the 4F principle of Faster, Focus, Flexible, and Facilitating in delivering services.

"LLDIKTI for Area III is focusing on quality assurance as mandated in Law Number 12 of 2012. The [email protected] application is part of our strategy initiated by Dr M. Samsuri to support services in quality assurance for universities," Sailah noted.

Meanwhile, Secretary of the LLDIKTI Area III Dr M. Samsuri explained that [email protected] integrates several service systems provided by his office, such as the early warning system (EWS) for universities and other systems.

"The [email protected] application provides 'single sign on' to see all the services available at Area III (Jakarta)," Samsuri, who is also the initiator of [email protected], remarked, adding that bureaucratic reform requires services to be offered quickly by cutting down the complicated bureaucratic process.

"In addition, we have to provide fast, flexible, and best services," he added.

The event to launch [email protected] was attended by 307 leaders of higher education in Area III of Jakarta, Indonesia's capital city, including Head of the Promotion Center on Functional Position of the Civil Servant Competency Development Section at the Institute of State Administration Dr M. Aswad, M.Si, and Rector of Bina Sarana Informatika University Dr M. Wahyudi MM., M.Kom., M.Pd.

Source: ANTARA News

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