Young W Java ulemas to spread message of peace in Britain

Bandung, W Java The provincial government of West Java and the British Institute of Peace have established an agreement to send 30 young Indonesian Muslim scholars (ulemas) to Britain to spread the message of peace.

We have established an agreement to carry out an ulema exchange program. Some 30 young ulemas, who can pass the English for Ulema program, will be sent here to share their experiences and views on peace, said West Java Governor, Ridwan Kamil, after speaking during the Peaceful Dialogue held in Manchester's Hilton Hotel, United Kingdom, as said in a statement received here, Wednesday.

The program aims to bring the message of peace to Europe, he remarked.

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Indonesia, as a country with Muslims as its majority population, needs to assert its presence in the international Islamic dialogue, especially Europe, Kamil noted.

I want for this dialogue to not just be dominated by the Middle East, he continued.

In his address during the Peaceful Dialogue, Kamil said that the West Java provincial government is initiating digital preaching, amid the wild spread of false information that could create division in the society.

My visit here paved the way for my program to send ulemas from West Java to spread their message of peace to Europe, he said.

Ulemas are Islamic scholars that are also guardians, transmitters and interpreters of religious knowledge about Islamic teachings and the law.

Source: Antara News

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