British envoy hopes HK back to normal under “one country, two systems”

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Deadlock between police and protesters in Hong Kong enters its third month and tension has escalated in the recent clashes. British Ambassador to Indonesia, Owen Jenkins has hoped the resolution can be found on the basis of one country, two systems arrangements.

I would say that the 'one country, two systems' arrangements which put in place when the UK left Hong Kong in 1997, is the fundamental basis of Hong Kong's prosperity and its future, Owen Jenkins told Antara at the British Embassy here on Wednesday .

So we hope the resolution can be found on the basis of those arrangements, which reduces violence and returns Hong Kong to its normal peaceful state," he added.

Police coercion took place in the recent protests and anti-government demonstrators occupied the main terminal at Hong Kong international airport, barricaded the security checkpoints with luggage carts, leading to the cancellation of over 150 flights.

As the protests have become increasingly aggressive, Owen Jenkins told Antara, What I would say is that we urge all sides to reduce the level of violence, which will not resolve situation.

It is situation we are concerned about, our Foreign Secretary has been following it very closely and also commented on this. he added.

Government officials said 45 people were hurt in the weekend clashes between police and demonstrators. The tension in Hong Kong since June was triggered by a bill that would allow extraditions to China.

Source: ANTARA News

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