Indonesian products must make major inroads into global market: Jokowi

Jakarta (ANTARA) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) highlighted the need for all parties to strive to ensure that the products of Indonesians can flood regional and global markets.

"We must dare to expand and not merely play in the domestic market," President Jokowi noted during his annual state of the nation address to Parliament on Thursday prior to the celebration of Indonesia's 74th Independence Day on August 17.

Entrepreneurs and state-owned enterprises must be plucky enough to become world-class players. The domestic industry must also be strengthened.

The results of science and technology products as well as innovations must be increasingly commercialized.

"The international world should be able to perceive our talent. Once again, we must be more expansive (in our approach), by migrating from local to global," the president stated.

He affirmed that the demographic bonus will support the Indonesian people in making various efforts to leap forward through developing the quality of human resources.

"If we can make serious concerted efforts, I am certain of us making a great leap forward. The momentum is when we are at the peak of the demographic bonus, starting from 2020 until 2024. If we focus on developing the quality of human resources and applying new methods, then I am sure the demographic bonus will become a leap forward," the president explained.

Jokowi called for the need to support education and training institutions to make major improvements to the quality of human resources in an attempt to face the changes.

Source: ANTARA News

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