Innovation if commercialized can be of value: VP

Denpasar, Bali (ANTARA) - Innovation would only be valuable if it were to be commercialized and marketed, for which cooperation between academicians and businessmen is of paramount importance, Vice President Jusuf Kalla stated here on Wednesday.

"Innovations that can neither be commercialized nor marketed will only cram into our bookcase. Hence, it is important for academicians, universities, and businessmen to forge cooperation," Kalla stated at the commemoration of National Technology Awakening Day held at the Puputan Margarana Square, Denpasar.

Amidst the current stringent competition, he affirmed that the country is looking for innovation in technology and cooperation necessitating various components to commercialize the result of research.

"In my experience, to develop industry and technology, we need to be serious and focus, and sometimes, we got to be angry and harsh," he stated.

Vice President Kalla highlighted the need for innovation in various sectors, including services. He cited the example of hotel booking, which can now be made online.

"We yet continue to import rice, thereby translating to the need for innovation in the food sector. We import meat, so means that we need innovation in the animal husbandry sector," Kalla stated.

Source: ANTARA News

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