Thailand’s museum houses Indonesia’s oldest Quran in pristine state

Narathiwat, Thailand The oldest manuscript of Islamic Holy Quran, crafted in Indonesia, is preserved in pristine condition at the Ahmadiyah Islamiyah Museum in Narathiwat Province, Thailand.

"The Quran was written in 1634 by Syekh Nuruddin Mohammad Hamid Roniri. He was from the west of Indonesia's archipelago, Samudera Pasai (Muslim kingdom of northern Sumatera)," Head of the Ahmadiyah Islamiyah Foundation Lutfee H. Samea revealed in Thailand, Wednesday.

Samea noted that the museum had on display some 34 Quran manuscripts that were brought to Narathiwat by Indonesian Java Muslim scholars, who had migrated across to Pattani Province, also known as "Serambi Mekah," or "The Veranda of Mecca", southern Thailand, over several centuries ago. Since several Quran manuscripts were there, the Ahmadiyah Islamiyah Museum forged partnership with Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII), the archipelago's cultural heritage site and foundation located in Jakarta, to conduct collaborative research.

"We have three to four TMII personnel involved in the research," Samea revealed.

As a form of preventive management against any damage to the manuscripts, Turkish, Malaysian, and Thailand workers employ traditional ingredients to treat them for optimal preservation. With the centuries-old holy manuscripts yet well-managed, Samea has pinned high hopes on Muslim youth in Thailand, particularly to continue to preserve and conduct further research on the Quran.

"I harbor that expectation that this museum would become one of the 'learning rooms' of the young generation to find the idea of how great Indonesians are in transcribing the Holy Quran," Samea stated.

Source: Antara News

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