Young And Fearless: Pollux Properti’s Nico Po Named As ‘CEO Of The Year 2019’ At The 14th Indonesia Property And Bank Award

PT Pollux Properti Indonesia's Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Nico Po, brought home the prestigious Grand Property Award at the 14th Indonesia Property and Bank Award (IPBA) 2019 organized by Property&Bank magazine, and named as the CEO of The Year 2019 at the event held in Intercontinental Hotel Ballroom in Jakarta on Thursday, Sep. 26.

His outstanding achievement is backed by the astonishing performance of his company, the publicly listed property developer PT Pollux Properti Indonesia Tbk. (POLL:IJ), which has recorded some US$3.8 Billion of market capitalization as of this month. With such a performance, Pollux Properti has become one of the fastest growing developer companies thanks to its various portfolios across the country.

Source: NAM News Network

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