Indonesia’s trade deficit stood at US$160 million in September 2019

Jakarta The Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) data showed that Indonesia's trade deficit had touched US$160 million, with exports valued at $14.10 billion and imports, at $14.26 billion, in September 2019.

"We have concluded that a deficit of US$0.16 billion was recorded in September 2019. If we compare it with the position in September last year (y-o-y), there is a surplus of US$0.346 billion," BPS Chief Suhariyanto stated here on Tuesday.

Indonesia's exports in September 2019 had reached $14.10 billion, or a 1.29-percent decrease, from the exports in August 2019, or a decrease of 5.75 percent, from that in September 2018.

The exports plunged owing to a 1.03 percent m-o-m drop in the non-oil and gas exports, notably from $13.4 billion in August 2019, to $13.26 billion in September 2019. Oil and gas exports also dropped 5.17 percent, from $875.3 million in August to $830.1 million in September.

Indonesia's total exports during the January-September 2019 period had reached $124.17 billion, or a drop of eight percent from that during the corresponding period in 2018. Its non-oil exports were recorded at $114.75 billion, or a drop of 6.22 percent.

Jewel exports contributed the largest drop in the country's non-oil and gas exports, specifically 32.6 percent, or 272.4 million, from that in August this year.

Metal ash, crust, and ore exports jumped $267 million, or 193.08 percent.

The largest non-oil and gas exports in September 2019 went to China, with a total value of $2.41 billion, followed by the US, at $1.48 billion; and Japan, $1.14 billion. The three nations contributed a total of 37.90 percent.

Indonesia's imports in September 2019 had touched $14.26 billion, or an increase of 0.63 percent from that in August 2019 but down 2.41 percent from the imports recorded in September 2018.

Non-oil and gas imports in September 2019 had reached $12.67 billion, or up 1.02 percent, from August 2019, and an increase of 2.82 percent from September 2018.

The oil and gas imports in September 2019 had reached $1.59 billion, or a decrease of 2.39 percent from August 2019, and 30.5 percent from September 2018.

The largest increase in non-oil and gas imports came from cereals, such as wheat, reaching $125.5 million, or 67.58 percent; while the biggest drop was from sugar, at $66 million, or 37.04 percent.

Source: Antara News

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