BPS estimates Indonesia received 16.3 million tourists in 2019

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) has estimated that 16.1-16.3 million tourists had visited Indonesia last year, falling short of the government-set target of 20 million later revised downward to 18 million.

"The number of tourist arrivals until November 2019 was 14.92 million. If the number of tourist arrivals in December 2019 is the same as December 2018 at 1.4 million, then the number of tourist arrivals in 2019 will reach 16.1 to 16.3 million," BPS Chief Suhariyanto stated in Jakarta on Thursday.

Over 1.29 million tourists visited Indonesia in November 2019, up 11.55 percent as compared to November 2018 but down 4.67 percent as compared to October 2019, he stated.

"The decline in November as compared to October 2019 was the result of seasonal factors that also observed in the previous years," he stated.

He forecast that the number of tourist arrivals is expected to increase in December 2019. Hence, the number of tourist arrivals in Indonesia will reach 14.92 million during the January-November 2019 period, representing a 1.55 percent rise as compared to the corresponding period last year at 14.40 million.

He noted that Malaysia remained atop the list of foreign tourist sources in Indonesia, with 2.83 million, followed by China with 1.92 million; Singapore, 1.74 million; Australia, 1.26 million; and Timor Leste, 1.10 thousand.

Source: Antara News

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