TNI clarifies placating tensions in Natuna a diplomatic task

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesian Military's Head of Information Center (Kapuspen TNI) Major General Sisriadi believes that allaying friction in the North Natuna waters is not a military task but a diplomatic one.

The statement was made following the violations committed by China's Coast Guard and fishing vessels.

"To reduce tensions (in Natuna) is a diplomatic task. Meanwhile, the military is responsible for maritime security, border security affairs in the territorial waters, as well as observation and surveillance in our sovereign territory and EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone)," Sisriadi stated here on Monday.

He expounded that the military routinely conducts observation and surveillance in Indonesia's sea borders and EEZ.

"Hence, reducing tensions in the region comes under the realm of diplomacy while the military conducts routine security operations," he noted.

Sisriadi countered that the territorial breach by Chinese fishing vessels, escorted by the China Coast Guard in the Natuna waters, is an attempt to elicit a reaction from the Indonesian Military (TNI). Hence, he believes that the TNI must respond with caution.

Sisriadi affirmed that in safeguarding the territorial waters of Indonesia in North Natuna, the Air Force and Navy will continue to apply the international law procedure that has been agreed upon.

"As a country that abides by the international law. Indonesia's Air Force and Navy will conduct operations according to the rules that are based on the national and international law of the sea," he pointed out.

Source: Antara News

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