Jakarta bans single-use plastic and expects to reduce waste volume

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The newly enacted regulation to ban single-use plastic in Jakarta is expected to reduce the volume of plastic waste in the city, according to Andono Warih, the head of Jakarta Provincial Environmental Agency, on Tuesday. "As much as 14 percent of Jakarta's waste is from such kind of plastics, dominated by single-use plastic. We want to reduce this, and if it works, it could be a significant reduction," Warih said.

The Legal Bureau of the Jakarta Provincial Government enacted the Governor Regulation Number 142/2019 on December 31, 2019, to ensure that modern, as well as traditional markets do not provide any bags made of single-use plastics.

Warih pinned high hopes on Jakartans to bring and use their own eco-friendly, reusable grocery bags, such as those made of cloth, while shopping.

The management of the markets is also expected to sell eco-friendly bags to customers if they do not carry them.

Source: Antara News

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