Two Thais stand trial for possessing crystal meth

Denpasar. Bali (ANTARA) - Two Thai nationals stood trial at the Denpasar District Court Tuesday on the charges of carrying 892 grams of crystal methamphetamine to the Indonesian resort island of Bali. "The defendants have acted without right or against the law to produce, import, export or traffic in first class drugs in non-plant form," public prosecutor I Made Santiawan said in his second suit at the Denpasar District Court.

The two defendants identified as Kasarin Khamkhao (26) and Sanicha Maneetes (25) could be sentenced under Article 112 paragraph (2) adj. Article 132 paragraph (1) of Law No. 35/2009 on narcotics and Article 113 paragraph (2) adj. article 132 paragraph (1) of Law No. 35/2009 on narcotics, Santiawan said.

The case came to the light when customs officers at Ngurah Airport in Bali checked their luggage as it passed through a baggage scanner.

"When the luggage of the two defendants went through the x-ray machine, it spotted suspicious material. The officers then took the two persons to the passenger baggage checkpoint," he said.

The officers ordered the defendants to take off their clothes. "During the investigation, the officers found a pack of brown capsules in Kasarin Khamkhao's panties and two packs of capsules in Sanicha Maneetes' panties. The capsules are believed to be crystal meth," he said.

The two defendants got the three packs from a Thai man named Boss, the prosecutor said.

The two defendants were told they would receive US$3,000 if the crystal meth reached the recipient.

"The defendants also received 50 thousand bahts from Boss in Thailand to buy round trip tickets and pay hotel bills while in Bali," he said.

Source: Antara News

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