China increases scholarship quota to 3,000 for Indonesian students

Beijing (ANTARA) - The Chinese government has decided to increase the scholarship quota for bachelor and master's degree for Indonesian college students to up to three thousand this year.

"Of course, they (the Chinese government) has planned to increase the scholarship quota significantly than that in 2019," Yaya Sutarya, Education and Culture Attache of the Indonesian Embassy in Beijing, told Antara here on Friday.

Apart from the three thousand scholarship quota for bachelor and master's degree courses, this year, China will also provide scholarships to some 600 Indonesians keen on studying in vocational schools as well as some 1,500 scholarships for the short course program.

In 2019, some 820 Indonesian students had received scholarships from the Chinese government, specifically 380 scholarships for bachelor and master's degree as well as 440 scholarships for vocational education. Moreover, some 1,100 Indonesians partook in the short course program in China.

"With an increase in the number of students receiving scholarships last year, the total number of Indonesian students in China reached 15,780, or increase of some 1,420 people, from last year," Sutarya pointed out.

In the meantime, he stated that the Indonesian Embassy in Beijing had started Indonesian language classes at 19 universities in various regions in China.

Furthermore, the Indonesian government had opened the Indonesian Research Center (IRC) at 15 universities in China.

"The number of Indonesian language classes has also increased in the last few years," he remarked.

In 2019, China had received five million foreign college students, a notable rise from 2001 when the country had only some two million foreign college students.

China has also sent some 662 thousand of its college students to study abroad. Some 720 students from China currently study in Indonesia.

Source: Antara News

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