Paradigm shift imperative in environmental issues: Deputy Minister

Jakarta (ANTARA) - A paradigm shift is the most important factor in the effort to tackle environment issues, Deputy Minister of Forestry and Environment Alue Dohong said.

"I believe that the most important thing in 95 percent environmental issues, including those regarding forestry, is anthropogenic, as it has to do with humans. For that reason, humans would first need to gain awareness," said Deputy Minister Dohong in a discussion in the Indonesia Millennial Summit in South Jakarta, Friday.

Environmental issues do not only involve governmental actors, but also every member of the community, as everyone essentially make their own contributions to the environment, he said.

Environmental problems should be the concern of everyone and not only of those located near the troubled areas, he added.

The environment is loaned from past generations, given to the next generation and it must be maintained to ensure that the next generation does not inherit a damaged environment, said the former Peatland Restoration Agency official.

Awareness to care for the environment should come naturally from each individual, he added.

"Sometimes we require regulations by the government before we act, and that is our problem. In reality, we need to have our paradigm shifted, from being regulated and monitored to self-regulation," he said.

Source: Antara News

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