DPR to summon TVRI commissioners over president director’s dismissal

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The House of Representatives' (DPR's) Commission I will summon Televisi Republik Indonesia's (TVRI's) board of commissioners on Jan 21 for clarification on their decision to sack Helmy Yahya as the state-owned television station's president director.

"The Commission I deems it necessary to summon the TVRI board of commissioners for an explanation to clarify the decision. What are the president director's mistakes that prompted them to sack him," the DPR Commission I member Willy Aditya stated here on Saturday.

The summons hold relevance since the decision was not made by acclamation, he pointed out.

However, he added that the board of commissioners had the authority to sack the president director in accordance with the rules. Hence, although the decision was unexpected, all sides must respect it, he emphasized.

"However, the decision of the TVRI board of commissioners was not made by acclamation. One of the commissioners, Supra Wimbarti, does not agree to the sacking. She said Helmy still has an opportunity to defend himself," he noted.

The National Democratic (Nasdem) Party politician perceived disharmony within the TVRI that hindered its proper functioning in line with the mandate of the law.

He said the DPR Commission I was seeking assurance that Helmy's dismissal was not based on emotional or other unfounded reasons.

"The House's Commission I has interest in ensuring that the TVRI reform will continue after the board of commissioners sacked the TVRI president director. The most important aspect is not who the guy is but what the commitment to TVRI is," he reiterated.

Source: Antara News

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