Travelers to Korea, Japan should be wary of nCov: Ministry

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Health Ministry has appealed to Indonesians keen on traveling to Korea and Japan to exercise caution in the face of new-fangled cases of the novel coronavirus (nCov) virus being reported in the countries.

The Indonesian government has officially only issued a travel advisory for China, chiefly Wuhan, Hubei Province, declared an Extraordinary Occurrence status for the nCov virus, Director General of Disease Prevention and Control Anung Sugihantono remarked in Jakarta on Monday.

Even if the government did not officially issue a travel advisory for other countries, including Japan and Korea, Indonesians keen on visiting the countries should be watchful about their physical health, he remarked.

He called on Indonesians visiting China to avoid sea animal or poultry market, shun direct contact with humans suffering from fever along with cough, wash hands with soap, and immediately conduct a medical checkup at health facilities when symptomatic with fever and cough.

Currently, several cases of pneumonia bearing resemblance to those in Wuhan, China, have also been reported in Thailand, Singapore, Japan, and Korea.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has officially released a statement that the pneumonia cases in Thailand and Japan are positively nCov infection based on the result of laboratory testing.

The Indonesian government has stepped up vigil over nCov virus that was first detected in Wuhan, China. To this end, it becomes increasingly important for health offices at the country's 135 entry points to use thermal scanners to check all those entering the Indonesian territory.

Source: ANTARA News

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