Minister encourages utilizing android technology for fishery services

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (KKP), Edhy Prabowo, encouraged the strengthening of fishery services using smartphone technology, for instance, the android-based platform for fish quarantine certification.

"This service aligns with the development, as well as demand among today's society in order to accommodate trading transactions through e-commerce or the marketplace," Prabowo said in a statement received here on Thursday.

Within such innovation, fishery services could be accessible, thus reducing the time and cost.

Furthermore, the ministry also encouraged the diversity of fishery products, from foods to technology-based fishery tools, to ensure a broader market through the online selling scheme.

"The KKP will open up better communication and relations with stakeholders involved, as well as undergo a policy evaluation, license simplification, be open for capital access, and strive to ensure the protection of fishery entrepreneurs, including those in the decorative fish business sector," Prabowo noted.

The android-based application service for certification will provide a barcode on output documents linked to the technical managing unit in the destination, as for initial implementation, it will cover domestic trade, especially small package deliveries.

Source: Antara News

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