“Mariposa”, a movie about the simplicity of teenage love

Jakarta (ANTARA) - "Love is simple, but we sometimes make it so complicated". That is a quote from "Mariposa", a movie which opens at movie theaters across Indonesia on March 12.

Mariposa tells the story of a young girl named Acha -- played by actress Adhisty Zara -- who has a crush on Iqbal -- played by Angga Yunanda. She later expresses her feelings and asks him to date her. That is what a simple love is supposed to be for Acha.

However, Iqbal repeatedly rejects Acha's feelings for him.

Iqbal even uses words that are hurtful for some women when he talks to Acha, but the girl does not mind.

A series of rejections from Iqbal did not make Acha step back from her unrequited love. In fact, the girl who will soon be turning 17 years old does not understand the reason Iqbal refuses to date her.

Acha's best friend, Manda, played by actress Dannia Salsabila, is tired of asking Acha to forget Iqbal and look for another boy.

Even though Manda is opposed to Acha's persistence in pursuing Iqbal, Acha's mother -- played by actress Ersa Mayori -- supports her daughter. She asks Acha to be patient, since love is a process. Acha understands and listens to her mother's advice.

Meanwhile, Iqbal's best friend Glen -- played by young actor Junior Roberts -- see Acha as a perfect girl, since she is a smart, friendly, beautiful, and comes from a good family. Glen thinks that Iqbal has no reason to reject Acha.

But, is it true that there is no reason at all? Only until one day when Manda develops a plan to make Acha stay away from Iqbal. She hoped that her plan could change Iqbal's attitude towards Acha.

Fajar Bustomi, the director of Mariposa, tried to simply portray a millennial love story in a movie adapted from a novel -- with the same title -- written by author Luluk HF.

Mariposa is a movie that tries to convey the message that there is no gender boundary when expressing feelings, so it does not matter "who falls in love first". When someone falls in love, he or she just needs to admit their feelings and then express them to the loved ones.

The movie is quite simple, so there is almost no scene or dialog between actors that will make people frown while watching, since it is simply a sweet love story about youths.

The visualizations in this 120 minutes movie are sweet nuances, with dominant shades of pink and blue.

"Mariposa", a collaboration between Falcon Pictures and Starvision, also stars actors Ariyo Wahab, Irgi Fahrezi, Ersa Mayori, Baim, Iszur Mochtar, and young celebrities Junior Robert, Dannia Salsabilla, Abun Sungkar, and Syakir Daulay.

Source: ANTARA News

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