SOE’s Perindo exports 15 tons of octopus to Japan amid pandemic

Jakarta Perum Perindo, the state owned fisheries company, has bolstered its income during the novel coronavirus pandemic by exporting octopus products to a Japanese company.

By early April, Perum Perindo will have exported as much as 15 tons of octopus to Japan.

The company's operational director, Arief Goentoro, said on Thursday that this export is the third shipment to Japan, following its first in November 2019 and the second in February 2020, which were also 15 tons.

"This is a seafood product of our Fish Processing Unit in Natuna. From there, the octopus was shipped to Jakarta first, before it was delivered to Japan," Goentoro noted in a statement, adding that the export was carried out with the cooperation of the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, as well as the local government of Natuna.

It has been scheduled to ship the octopus from Natuna to Jakarta on in March 30, while the direct shipping from Jakarta to Japan will take place on April 4 through the city's port of Nizam Zachman.

A container of octopus is worth of Rp1.1 billion (around US$69.000). Octopus is an Indonesian commodity in high demand across the world, especially in Japan.

Since 2017, Perum Perindo has been regularly exporting seafood products, including octopus, snapper and grouper, from Natuna to Singapore through Tanjungpinang port.

The company is currently targeting Rp1.068 trillion (around US$67 million) in revenues in 2020, with a production target of fish and other seafood products to reach 28,500 tons.

Source: Antara News

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