Police chief issues notice on FPI activity, symbol ban

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesian Police chief General Idham Azis has issued a notice (number: Mak / 1 / I / 2021) on Compliance with Prohibition of Activities, Use of Symbols and Attributes of Islamic Defenders' Front (FPI) dated January 1, 2020.

"That's right," General Aziz confirmed the issuance of the notice here on Friday.

In the notice, Indonesians have been asked to refrain from accessing, uploading, and distributing FPI related content, either through the Internet or other social media.

They have been further asked to report any activities, symbols, and attributes of FPI without delay, and told they must not be party to illegal acts.

Police officers can take necessary action, in accordance with the existing regulations or at their discretion, if they find any one violating the notice, General Azis said.

The notice has been issued to prevent any public involvement, directly or indirectly, in supporting and facilitating the activities of the FPI as well as in using FPI symbols and attributes, following the government's decision to ban the outfit, he explained.

He said the notice is based on the Joint Decree issued by the Minister of Home Affairs, Minister of Law and Human Rights, Minister of Communications and Informatics, Attorney General, head of Indonesian State Police, and head of the National Counter Terrorism Agency, (Number: 220-4780 / 2020; M.HH 14.HH.05.05 / 2020; 690/2020; 264/2020; KB / 3 / XII / 2020; 320/2020) on 30 December, 2020 on Prohibition of Activities, Use of Symbols and Attributes and Termination of Activities of the Islamic Defenders' Front.

Satpol PP (civilian security guards) have been deployed, with the full support of the Indonesian Defence Forces (TNI) and the Indonesian Police (Polri), to enforce the order in locations where banners, posters, attributes, pamphlets, and other paraphernalia related to the FPI have been installed, the police chief said.

The Indonesian government has decided to ban FPI and its activities, saying that it has no legal grounds to operate as a civil organization and that its activities have often violated the law and caused public disorder.

“The government bans FPI activities and will stop any events organized by the FPI because it no longer has legal grounds, either as a mass organization or as any other kind of organization,” Coordinating Political, Law and Security Affairs Minister, Mahfud MD, said in a televised statement on Wednesday (December 30, 2020).

Source: Antara News

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