COVID-19: Fresh office clusters emerge in Surabaya after holidays

Surabaya, E Java The Surabaya City COVID-19 task force has identified new clusters of COVID-19 transmission in offices following the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Several COVID-19 cases have been detected in office complexes or workplaces, Surabaya acting mayor Whisnu Sakti Buana revealed here on Tuesday.

"Therefore, we are reactivating a team of swab hunters. In the latest report, many clusters (of COVID-19 transmission) have been found at offices so (swab testing) will also target office complexes," he said.

If there are any confirmed COVID-19 cases, the city administration will conduct mass swab testing not only at the residences of COVID-19 patients, but also at their offices or workplaces, he added.

"If confirmed COVID-19 patients are found, we will conduct swab testing at their residences, and also their offices to minimize the spread of the virus," he said.

Whisnu expressed the hope that the managements of offices or workplaces will support the city government's step to avert the spread of COVID-19.

"We will conduct swab testing without burdening (the management of offices), except if they are located outside Surabaya City," he said.

Meanwhile, vice secretary of the Surabaya City COVID-19 task force, Irvan Widyanto, said the swab team will conduct mass testing at the residences and workplaces of COVID-19 patients.

"In addition, we will also trace the offices to see if health protocols have been violated. (We will ask them) whether or not they have followed the health protocols," he informed.

The health protocols for workplaces include ensuring open space ventilation without air conditioning, maintaining distancing in each space and using only 50 percent of the space, as well as forming a self-reliant task force in each office, he said.

Source: Antara News

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