Ministry: 125,000 electric cars to hit the roads this year

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry has projected 125 thousand electric cars and 1.34 million electric motorcycles to be operational in 2021, potentially reducing fuel oil consumption to 0.44 million kiloliter per year.

The government has issued a Ministerial Decree (no. 13/2020) on electric charging infrastructure to accelerate the implementation of the battery-based electric vehicle (KBLBB) program.

"To encourage acceleration of the KBLBB program, we have issued the Energy and Mineral Resources Minister decree no. 13/2020 on electric charging infrastructure that regulates the standard, safety, and power issues, including its tariff and incentive," Energy and Mineral Resources Minister Arifin Tasrif said during a working meeting with Commission VII of the House of Representatives here on Tuesday.

Tasrif said the government is planning to build 572 electric vehicle re-charging stations (SPKLU) and three thousand public electric vehicle battery replacement stations (SPBKLU) by 2021.

"In 2020, we have built 180 SPKLU and by 2030, we will have 31,859 SPBKLU," the minister informed.

The re-charging stations will be set up at strategic locations such as malls, office areas, airports, apartments, taxi pools, and gas stations (SPBU).

"With the increased number of electric vehicles in 2030, there will be a potential reduction of fuel oil consumption of 6 million kiloliter per year," Tasrif noted.

The government will also encourage the use of electric vehicles in ministries, local governments, state-run companies, as well as private companies, he said.

The use of electric cars in ministries, local governments, state-run companies, as well as private companies is projected to reach 19,220 units by 2025.

Meanwhile, the use of electric motorcycles is expected to reach 757,139 units and electric buses 10,227 units for the same period.

By 2025, Indonesia is expected to have 6,318 recharging stations and 17 thousand battery replacement stations, with the number of electric cars and motorcycles projected to reach 374 thousand and 11.8 million units, respectively.

The potential fuel saving is expected to reach 2.56 million kiloliter by 2025, Tasrif said. (INE)

Source: Antara News

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