North Sumatra police receive award from KPU for smooth elections


Medan, N Sumatra The North Sumatra Provincial Police received a token of appreciation from the local General Election Commission (KPU) for its success in ensuring secure and smooth regional head elections in the province.

On Tuesday, Chief of the North Sumatra Provincial Police Inspector General Martuani Sormin expressed gratitude to the KPU Office in North Sumatra that successfully organized the regional head elections on December 9 last year.

Sormin put the spotlight on the police’s achievement in ensuring successful regional head elections in four districts in Nias Island.

“Unfortunately, no media firm specifically published it (the achievement). (The significant) increase in turnout (during the regional head elections) in North Sumatra to 47 percent, from 21 percent, is also an achievement for all of us,” he remarked.

To maintain public order, especially during the regional head elections, the police took firm, stern, accurate, and quantifiable measures against anyone found abusing narcotics.

Meanwhile, Chief of KPU Office in North Sumatra Hendensi thanked the North Sumatra Provincial Police chief and his staff for their contribution to securing the regional head elections.




Source: Antara News


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