Business Network International launched ‘Grow Chapter’

Jakarta Business Network International (BNI), the world’s largest business referral organization that has been present in 74 countries since 1985, which has just conducted soft launching of the largest chapter in Indonesia today. Given the name “Grow Chapter” BNI soft launching on January 21, 2021, took place in Jakarta.


The initiative is designed to help enterprises move the economy back. Building a proven network that can provide business referrals to your company without having to spend energy and money on marketing is a smart choice to consider.


At BNI, every member is actively seeking business referrals for other members. This is the strength of the organization that already has more than 9,700 chapters worldwide and has generated a transaction value of US$ 16.7 billion through business referrals, and each member is supported by a global team that provides the training, structure, and technology needed for success.


According to Setio Priyono, Business Network International creates an environment where members who are active businessmen can get business referrals or referencesfrom other BNI members, likewise, we actively provide referrals to other members.


“Every week, there must be at least 1 referral. In Japan, there is a tailor which 80 percent of its business is generated from BNI members,” said Setio Priyono.


Especially currently, the Indonesian small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are challenged to do a lot of export or do business with the international community.


“Just register as a member, then our SMEs can enter the system that we built and immediately have overseas business partners, as mentioned in BNI tagline – Local Business, Global Network,” he continued.


Meanwhile, Launch Director Consultant at BNI Grace Hakim said, Grow Chapter started in September 2020, then today is the soft launch of BNI – Chapter Grow with the enthusiasm of extraordinary business people to join. but BNI has membership restrictions for those who want to join, according to her.


“Those who want to join can contact us through our website BNI Grow Jakarta. We also have a plan to collaborate with other communities to build an extraordinary community, this will be a great collaboration,” said Grace.


According to Grace, BNI has core values that no other organization has, including Givers Gain means giving first then receiving, Building Relationships, Lifelong Learning, Traditions and Innovation, Positive Attitude, Recognition, and Accountability.


“Be willing to give first, before you expect a profit. Giving without expecting a reward, creates a better environment for everyone and creates business opportunities and lasting relationships, ”said Grace.


In addition, BNI also has their code of ethics, which include maintaining the best quality of service, being honest with members and their referrals, building goodwill and trust among members and their referrals, being responsible for following up the referrals received, showing a positive attitude and is supportive of BNI members, and meets professional ethical standards.




Source: Antara News



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