Government should bolster security in Natuna waters: MPR Deputy Chief

Jakarta (ANTARA) – People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR) Deputy Chairman Syarief Hasan urged the government to increase security in North Natuna’s waters adjacent to the South China Sea, where China, the US, and other countries are embroiled in disputes.

The government must pay special attention since the North Natuna waters, the outermost area of Indonesia, should be defended, Hasan noted here on Thursday.

“It is the government’s obligation to ensure that all areas, including the outermost area in North Natuna waters, are safe,” Hasan remarked in his statement.

The MPR deputy chairman explained that if tensions continue, an open war could erupt in the South China Sea. Hence, Indonesia must remain vigilant since if an open war broke out, the entire Southeast Asian region will feel the impact, he emphasized.

Hasan highlighted the need to not underestimate the feud since China had made unilateral claims against the South China Sea based on the nine dash line — whose coordinates were never known — thereby resulting in the United States and Britain also intervening.

“This condition will potentially lead to an open war, with fatal consequences,” he cautioned.

He also encouraged all leaders in Southeast Asia to jointly become facilitators, and to this end, Indonesia can take on a leading role in solving the problems in the South China Sea.

According to Hasan, ASEAN, as the region most affected by the conflict in South China, must also be present as a bridge for the disputing parties.

The MPR deputy chairman also encouraged the ASEAN to prioritize a diplomatic approach by upholding the spirit of “million friends and zero enemy.”

Indonesia must be present in the ASEAN community and become a driving force for the diplomatic process in solving problems in the North Natuna Sea, the senior politician of the Democratic Party (PD), stated.



Source: Antara News

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