Police officers in East Java’s Jember donate convalescent plasma


Jember, East Java (ANTARA) – Tens of police officers in East Java’s Jember City having recovered from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) donated their convalescent plasma to help patients infected with the virus.

“We organize this social and humanitarian care activity to help overcome the shortage of convalescent plasma to help cure COVID-19 patients,” Chief of the Jember City Police Adjunct Senior Commissioner Arif Rachman Arifin stated here on Friday.

A total of 78 police officers, who had made a recovery from COVID-19, registered with and underwent stringent blood testing at the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) branch in Jember before donating their convalescent plasma at the Dr Soebandi Regional Hospital in the city.

Arifin, also a COVID-19 survivor, called on the public to donate convalescent plasma and made assurance that health protocols were strictly followed to ensure that the blood donation process was safe.

“We encourage COVID-19 survivors from the National Police to help cure COVID-19 patients by donating their blood,” he emphasized.

Meanwhile, Chief of the PMI branch in Jember, Zaenal Marzuki, lauded the Jember City Police chief and his staff for their assistance amid the limited stocks of convalescent plasma.

“The demand for convalescent plasma from Jember District and other regions is very high. Hence, we call on COVID-19 survivors to donate their convalescent plasma to help the therapy of COVID-19 patients,” he remarked.

The blood donor unit of the PMI branch has, so far, distributed 69 pouches of convalescent plasma among COVID-19 patients. Until Thursday (Jan 28), the demand for convalescent plasma was recorded 43 times.

Earlier, on Tuesday, COVID-19 Handling and National Economic Recovery Committee (KPCPEN) Chief Airlangga Hartarto encouraged those having recovered from COVID-19 to donate their convalescent plasma to help patients infected with the virus.

“Convalescent plasma from (COVID-19) survivors is expected to curb deaths due to COVID-19 in Indonesia,” Hartarto noted in a statement.

In addition to inoculation, blood donation has become part of the efforts to thwart the spread of COVID-19.

Hartarto, concurrently the coordinating minister for economic affairs, became a convalescent plasma donor at the launch of the Convalescent Plasma Donation Campaign.

The minister admitted to having contracted the disease and survived.

The PMI has set a target to receive five thousand plasma donors per month, or 60 thousand donors annually.

Convalescent plasma from each donor can be given to some 80 patients under medical treatment.

“Based on information from Coordinating Minister for Human Empowerment and Culture Muhadjir Effendy, convalescent plasma from one donor can help the recovery of 100 asymptomatic persons and patients, with minor symptoms. For patients, with serious symptoms, one donor can save 85 patients,” he stated.


Source: Antara News

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