Ministry drafts roadmap for Indonesia Digital 2021-2024

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Communication and Informatics Ministry has drafted a roadmap for Indonesia Digital 2024 in four strategic sectors.

“In broad lines, the roadmap for Indonesia Digital 2021-2024 clarifies the direction of policies to implement and achieve the target of Indonesia’s digital transformation in four strategic sectors,” Communication and Informatics Minister, Johnny G Plate, said during a working meeting with Commission I of the House of Representatives (DPR) here on Monday.

The four strategic sectors are digital infrastructure, digital administration, digital economy, and digital community, he informed.

He said the formulation of the roadmap has involved the partners of the Communication and Informatics Ministry, including ministries and government institutions as well as representatives of the private sector and the community.

A draft of the roadmap has been submitted to President Joko Widodo for further directives before it is made public, Plate revealed.

The roadmap for Indonesia Digital 2021-2024 was formulated based on five directives from the President in relation to expediting the digital transformation in the country, he added.

The Presidential directives were translated into four strategic directions, which were later classified into four strategic sectors, he said.

The strategic directives in each of the sectors were later broken down into more specific strategic initiatives to aid their implementation in the future, he added.

“Just as a note, in making the strategic initiatives the Communication and Informatics Ministry has tried to cover various fields comprehensively,” he remarked.

“We do it as part of efforts to open room for stakeholders to work together to drive Indonesia’s digital transformation, which covers about 100 activities,” he said.

In addition to the roadmap, the Communication and Informatics Ministry also has a number of programs which it will prioritize this year, including plans for the national data center, he added.



Source: Antara News

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