Fisheries Ministry builds mangrove nursery in Pasuruan, E Java


Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) has built a mangrove nursery in Pasuruan district, East Java, as part of efforts for preventing coastal abrasion and a labor-intensive program.

“The mangrove nursery program must be able to empower the surrounding community to work in the mangrove nursery, because this program is a labor-intensive program in the context of mitigating the impact of the pandemic,” TB Haeru Rahayu, director general of marine space management at the KKP, said in a press release issued here on Tuesday.

The mangrove nursery in Pasuruan has primarily been set up to ensure the availability of mangrove seeds to meet the needs of mangrove nurseries and for planting and rehabilitation efforts.

The Mangrove Seed Garden has been built by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries through the directorate general of marine space management using the additional budget for the National Economic Recovery Program (PEN) for the 2020 fiscal year.

The mangrove nursery spans 3,093 square meters and houses 500 thousand seedlings of the species Rhizophora sp.

Mukarim, manager of the mangrove tourism area and mangrove seed garden in Penunggul village, Nguling district, said that in 34 years, he has planted millions of mangrove trees.




Source: Antara News

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