Journalist body to hold discussion on media convergence rules


Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Indonesian Journalists Association, in collaboration with the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, will hold a discussion on regulations for media convergence ahead of the 2021 National Press Day.

“We believe that it is important to observe the development of regulations on (media) convergence in Indonesia in order to establish the ideal convergence regulations for conventional media in the country,” said chairman of the Indonesian Journalists Association (PWI), Atal S Depari, here Tuesday.

He said convergence has become a key factor for mass media in today’s world, not just in Indonesia, but across the globe.

However, he underlined the fact that Indonesia is yet to formulate regulations on media convergence although that can lead to the fruitful and beneficial development of the sector.

A number of developed countries have moved forward with a concrete legal umbrella for media convergence, he pointed out. Furthermore, digital disruption also poses a substantial challenge to journalism in Indonesia, especially with the emergence of hoaxes and false news on social media platforms, as well as users’ tendency to share messages without filtering them or confirming their credibility, he said.

Conventional media continues to be the main reference source to confirm the veracity of news, he noted.

This has prompted the PWI to organize a discussion entitled ‘State Regulation in Maintaining the Continuity of Mainstream Media in the Era of Social Media Disruption’. The discussion will focus on how the ideal legal umbrella should be structured for media convergence in the country, how far along is the progress, and what are the advantages and disadvantages.

The online discussion will involve various parties, including the central government, media practitioners, and academics to find the best solution to convergence rules in Indonesia, according to PWI.

The speakers will include the Minister of Law and Human Rights, Yasonna H Laoly, Deputy Minister of Law and Human Rights, Edward OS Hiariej, expert staff of PWI, Wina Armada, deputy chair of the Press Council, Hendry Ch Bangun, CEO of JPNN, Auri Jaya, and legal and media observers.

The discussion will be part of a series of programs for National Press Day (HPN) 2021, which will culminate on February 9, 2021. It is considered urgent considering the huge influence of media convergence on the press in the country, according to PWI.




Source: Antara News

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