Press becomes source of inspiration to rise from COVID-19 pandemic



Jakarta House of Representatives’ Speaker, Puan Maharani, expressed belief that the press can emerge as a source of inspiration to rise from the COVID-19 pandemic by broadcasting accurate news and inspiring unity in the disease-handling efforts.

“We extend congratulations to all members of the press on the occasion of the 2021 National Press Day. The press must become a source of inspiration to rise from the pandemic,” the House speaker noted in a statement in Jakarta on Tuesday.

Maharani is optimistic that the press would play a role in edifying the public and dispelling hoaxes on COVID-19 so as not to mislead the public.

The speaker cited the example of incorrect information rife about vaccination, for which the press helped provide an understanding to the public on the need to get vaccinated to fight the pandemic.

“The press remains critical in overseeing the vaccination process, especially the speed of the vaccination program, so that communal immunity or herd immunity can be achieved soon,” she emphasized.

Maharani elaborated that in addition to educating the public on the importance of vaccination against COVID-19, the press is also expected to constantly remind the people to exercise discipline in adhering to health protocols.

The speaker believes this aligns with the true essence of the Indonesian press as a body that has constantly striven.

The press must constantly remind the public to comply with health protocols, she reiterated.

With the press supervision of the immunization program and adherence to health protocols, it turns out to be a driver in the revival against the pandemic, Maharani, who attended the peak of the 2021 National Press Day event at the State Palace, Jakarta, stated.

This year’s National Press Day commemoration bore the theme of “Awakening from the Pandemic, Jakarta is the Gateway to Economic Recovery, the Press as an Accelerator of Change.”



Source: Antara News


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