Indonesia contributes 1.11 percent of global coronavirus caseload

Jakarta Indonesia currently contributes 1.11 percent of the overall global coronavirus caseload, according to the Johns Hopkins University.

On its official website monitored at 20:23 Western Indonesia Time (WIB) on Thursday, the Johns Hopkins University Medicine stated that Indonesia’s confirmed COVID-19 cases topped 1,191,990 against the global caseload of 107,444,504.

Among the 192 coronavirus-affected countries, Indonesia is currently ranked 19th in terms of the number of cases.

Indonesia recorded 32,381 coronavirus-related deaths, accounting for 1.38 percent of the global death toll of 2,357,270. With the mortality rate, Indonesia is ranked 17th among the countries exposed to the virus.

In terms of recoveries, Indonesia is ranked 15th, with 993,117 people recovering from the infection. The recovery rate represents 1.65 percent of the overall global recoveries at 60,122,787.

Overall, the US recorded the world’s highest number of cases at 27,288,291, followed by 10,871,294 cases in India, 9,659,167 cases in Brazil, 3,996,839 cases in the United Kingdom, and 3,983,031 cases in Russia.

The US also led the coronavirus death toll, with 471,764 people succumbing to the disease. Meanwhile, India recorded the world’s highest number of recoveries, at 10,573,372.




Source: Antara News

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