Fires destroy 55 hectares of land, forests in Riau

Riau Fires gutted 55.71 hectares of land and forests in Riau province between January 1 and February 13, 2021.

During the period, 45 hotspots were detected in the districts of Siak, Bengkalis, and Rokan Hilir (Rohil), and Dumai city.

The 55.71 hectares of land and forests comprised 33 hectares in Siakt, 17.7 hectares in Bengkalis, 5 hectares in Rokan Hilir, and 0.01 hectare in Dumai, head of the Riau Provincial Natural Disaster Mitigation Agency, Edwar Sanger, informed here on Monday.

He said the area of land and forests gutted by fires showed a decline compared to 284.57 hectares during the same period last year.

The 284.57 hectares of land and forest comprised 1.25 hectares in Rokan Hilir, 32.35 hectares in Dumai, 65.9 hectares in Bengkalis, 8.5 hectares in Meranti Islands, 98.47 hectares in Siak, 3 hectares in Pelkanbaru, 2.5 hectares in Kampar, 5 hectares in Pelalawan, 21.5 hectares in Indragiri Hulu, and 46.1 hectares in Indragiri Hilir

“From February 1 to 13, 2020, two districts were free from land and forest fires. They were Rokan Hlulu and Kuansing,” Sanger informed.

In the period between January 1 and February 13, 2020, the Tera and Aqua satellites detected 60 hotspots of which 5 were in Dumai, 27 in Bengkalis, 4 in Meranti Islands, 11 in Siak, 7 in Pelalawan, and 6 in Indragiri Hilir.


Source: Antara News


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