Govt encourages emergence of AI-based digital talent in Indonesia


Jakarta The Education and Culture Ministry has encouraged the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based digital talent in Indonesia.

“Now, we can see the emergence of unicorns and decacorns in Southeast Asia. Out of the 10 unicorns and decacorns in Southeast Asia, five were established and grew in Indonesia. We need to encourage the emergence of more digital startups that are based on technology- and creative innovation,” the ministry’s Director General of Higher Education Nizam stated during the virtual opening of the Bangkit 2021 Program here on Monday.

Nizam affirmed that creativity and innovation based on technological competencies, especially in digital technology and AI, would create digital startups that can transform into unicorns or also decacorns.

He cited the example of Gojek and Tokopedia valued at above US$7 billion.

Drawing attention to the result of some studies, Nizam affirmed that in the next decade, the use of AI-based digital technology in Southeast Asia, especially in Indonesia, had the potential to create new economic value of US$360 billion.

“It is more than 50 percent of the potential growth in digital economy and AI-based economy in Southeast Asia,” he stated.

The ministry, in cooperation with Google, organized the Bangkit 2021 Program to create a new talent pool with expertise in digital technology.

Under the program, participants will gain various digital competencies, including machine learning, cloud computing, UI, and UX.

“At the end of the program, the best participants will have the opportunity to receive training from Stanford University, through a special program prepared in 15 domestic universities,” he revealed.

A total of 300 participants had attended the program in 2019.

“Now, out of the 40 thousand applicants, we have selected three thousand students to participate in the program,” Nizam stated.

Asia Pacific Education Programs Lead of Google William Florance affirmed that the program was initiated to fill in the digital talent gap in technology companies.


Source: Antara News


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