Police crackdowns on liquor sellers win Papuan community support

Jayapura, Papua A community-based organization called Solidarity against Liquor and Drugs (SAMN) has declared its support for police crackdowns on liquor sellers in Papua province.

The Jayapura city police’s ongoing efforts against liquor sellers, for instance, need to be appreciated, SAMN Papua chairman Anias Lengka said here on Tuesday.

The anti-liquor raids the police routinely conduct in the Papuan capital have helped prevent young Papuans from being dragged into alcohol addiction and abuse, he remarked.

“We have observed an upward trend in traffic accidents, cases of domestic violence, and acts of crime, such as robbery, owing to excessive liquor consumption,” he said.

In dealing with this challenging reality, SAMN Papua supports the Jayapura city police’s ongoing crackdowns on liquor sellers, he added.

Alcohol addiction and abuse have often made many less fortunate people suffer, he remarked.

ANTARA has earlier reported that alcohol consumption remains a grave problem in Papua, although the production, distribution, and sale of liquor has officially been banned in the province since 2016.

In response, local police have continued to crack down on liquor producers, distributors, and sellers in the province.

The Papuan government prohibited the production, distribution, and sale of alcoholic beverages from 2016, in accordance with Regional Government’s Regulation Number 15 of 2013.

The regulation is aimed at safeguarding Papuans from the detrimental impact of alcohol consumption, such as loss of consciousness, domestic violence, and crime.

Alcohol consumption has also led to deadly traffic accidents in the province, according to police. In 2019, Papua police reported that the death toll from traffic accidents in Papua had reached 72.

The 2019 fatality rate was higher than in 2018, when the figure stood at 58, and the Papua police claimed that alcohol consumption was one of the factors apart from bad driving habits (RRI, 2019).

According to Papua Governor Lukas Enembe, it is good for the province to be free from liquor use for the sake of ensuring secure and comfortable lives for its people. (INE)



Source: Antara News


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