Mount Merapi emits searing clouds twice up to 1.5 kilometers

Jakarta- Mount Merapi erupted twice on Monday morning, emitting scorching clouds as far as 1.5 kilometers (km) in the southwest direction.

"Based on data compiled by the Geological Disaster Technology Research and Development Center (BPPTKG), during the first instance, hot clouds slid as far as 1.3 km at 2:03 a.m. local time, with an amplitude of 40 mm and for a duration of 134 seconds," Head of the Center for Disaster Information and Communication Data of the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) Raditya Jati stated here on Monday.

During the second instant, hot clouds billowed as far as 1.5 km at 5:11 a.m. local time, with an amplitude of 48 mm and for a duration of 150 seconds.

According to monitoring conducted from 00:00 a.m. to 6 a.m. local time, the BNPB reported overcast and rainy weather over Mount Merapi, with weak to moderate winds blowing to the east.

Furthermore, air temperatures of 14-21 degrees Celsius were recorded around the mountain, with humidity of 75-96 percent, air pressure of 565-700 mmHg, and a rainfall volume of three mm per day.

"Based on observation conducted since November 5, 2020, until today, we conclude that effusive eruptions were still quite high during the volcanic activity of Mount Merapi," Jati noted.

The BNPB has advised people against conducting activities in areas of potential danger and to stay alert to the dangers of lava, particularly when it rains around the mountain. Temporary suspension in mining activities in the rivers around Mount Merapi in the disaster-prone area III are recommended.

"Tourists are recommended to not conduct activities in areas of potential danger and around the crater within a radius of five kilometers from the mountain's peak," he emphasized.

Meanwhile, the BPPTKG continues to maintain the alert status of Mount Merapi at Level III.

The lava and hot clouds emitted from Mount Merapi’s areas are projected to affect areas in the south to the southwest: Sungai Kuning, Boyong, Bedog, Krasak, Bebeng, and Putih.

In the meantime, Mount Merapi's volcanic materials can disperse as far as three kilometers from the mountain's peak.

In the event of a significant change in activity, the activity status of the mountain will be reviewed immediately.

Source: Antara News

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