Ramadan: Doctor recommends health check-up before fasting

Internal medicine specialist Dr. Imelda Maria Loho, Sp.PD, has advised the public to get their health checked before Ramadan, particularly their blood sugar and blood lipid levels.

She said regular health checks must still be carried out, especially before Ramadan.

However, the health examination that must be given utmost priority is the one for blood sugar, especially for people who have not tested their blood sugar levels for one year, she added.

“The priority is (checking) blood sugar so that there is further treatment for people who have diabetes or diabetes symptoms that were not previously detected. These checks need to be carried out to prevent the possibility of blood sugar levels becoming too low or too high after fasting,” said Dr. Loho during a webinar on ‘Periodic Health Checks, What to Look For’, here on Thursday.

Another health check that must be a priority is blood lipid or cholesterol check, she said. The examination aims to determine cholesterol levels, she explained.

When people break their fast, some have a tendency to eat food without considering its balanced nutritional value and that can lead to an increase in cholesterol levels, she pointed out.

“If the results of the lipid profile examination are high, the patient must maintain their food intake at dawn and when breaking fast. Therefore, such conditions can actually be overcome,” said Dr. Loho.

There are medicines that can be safely consumed by diabetics and cholesterol patients during fasting, so they don’t have to delay treatment until after Ramadan, she informed.

“Medicines for diabetes and abnormal lipid profiles can be consumed during fasting. So, people don’t have to wait for Ramadan to finish to be able to take medication,” she remarked.


Source: Antara News

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